Trump Card LLC The Mair/Wilson connection


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Trump Card LLC The Mair/Wilson connection

Right now there are two stories circulating on what and who is behind Trump Card LLC. We all know that Frederick G. Wilson and Elizabeth A. Mair are determined to topple Donald J. Trump with a secret organization using an  LLC.  Since this is not a PAC, donors do not have to be disclosed to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  We have been hot on the trail for a number of  weeks  putting together the pieces of this puzzle and indeed this is a puzzle.   We have done exhaustive research on this and feel we need to go public now to solicit feedback from the public in tying up some loose ends.

We invite you to read the first lead we received. Trump Card LLC

Later we found this posting on the same subject.

The Tea Party Killing Machine “Trump Card LLC” Libertarians Plan To Attack Donald Trump


Although Wilson openly admits his part in this, we do need to look further in his businesses to determine exactly what is there. We found the DBA interesting as it may be used to hide his involvement in any slash and burn tactics against GOP candidates not blessed by the GOP establishment.

Wilson DBA and associated businesses

Notice all businesses are under the Intrepid umbrella. We feel these may be possible connections to this puzzle and let’s not forget Red Hills Media.

red hills

It should be public info  by now that Wilson is shilling for Marco Rubio and is being paid by the Pro-Rubio PAC Baby Got PAC.  Below are the expenditures made so far by this PAC.

wilson 2014 pac money3

Looking back to previous election cycles we see  that Wilson was involved with the Adam Hasner campaign and a pro-Hasner Super Pac.


During the 2014 election cycle Wilson’s company received an additional $23,000 from the pro-Hasner America on the Move PAC.

america on the move

As you can see, Wilson did work for Adam Hasner back in 2012.  Despite having been the State of Florida’s majority house leader,  Hasner lost the election. Hasner is now working for none other than Marco Rubio in building  grassroots donor and activist operations.

Rubio Appoints Hasner to Campaign Post

Wilson’s connection to Hasner would lead one to believe this is probably how he  scored work for the Pro-Rubio PAC.   Likewise, Wilson’s work for the official campaign committee of Hasner is probably how he scored work for the Pro-Hasner America on the Move PAC.  Of course we all know that coordination with campaigns is illegal and Rick Wilson, being the pillar of ethics that he is, would never violate Federal Election Commission regulations.   Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

Now let’s examine Wilson’s partner in crime, Liz Mair.

In November Elizabeth (Liz) A Mair  announced a “Go Fund Me” for Trump Card LLC to raise money to take down Donald J. Trump. Thanks to Dan Riehl for putting a lot of shade on Liz’s panhandling.

Keystone Cops: GOP Consultant Class

After getting crucified on twitter for her failed attempt to raise money for Trump Card LLC, Liz got all snobbish and tweeted this out. She may look down her nose at Trump supporters but they had the last laugh as her Go Fund Me account barely raised $400 and closed up shop faster than her employment on the Walker Presidential Campaign.


Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Dizzy Lizzy got hired and fired from the Scott Walker campaign in less than 48 hours after her twitter tirade calling people in Iowa idiots. Instead of hanging her head in shame and joining a convent,  she proceeds to rip the Walker campaign to shreds. Since Dizzy Lizzy is a Libertarian and has worked for Rand Paul, one has to wonder if she was sent in as a poison pill to take out Walker.  During the 2012 cycle she worked for Governer Perry and we all know how that campaign imploded.  Everywhere Lizzy goes campaigns seem to blow up.

When Lizzy isn’t busy blowing up Republican campaigns she moonlights for Muslim Dictators as was revealed by Charles Johnson at Got News.  If she continues to fail as a GOP consultant, maybe she can get a gig as an ISIS social media expert.

Liz Mair contracts for Muslim Dictator

Just when we thought we had seen the last of Lizzy after her Trump Card LLC debacle, up she pops like a nasty pimple with a new anti-Trump PAC called Make America Awesome.  Since this is a PAC,  income and expenditures must be filed with the FEC unlike Trump Card LLC.

mairs new pac

The FEC filing on the PAC lists Chris Marston as the treasurer.  Chris Marston is a Republican operative who specializes in serving as treasurer for state and federal campaigns.  The name of his company is Election CFO, LLC.  Who better to run an anti-Trump  PAC than an apparent grifter like Marston who is alleged to have billed the tax payers of Virginia for work he actually did on behalf of the RNC.

Marston bills tax payers for his RNC work

Not only do his financial shenanigans make him ideally suited to team up with Wilson and Mair, but his ability to blow up a high profile GOP campaign makes him a perfect match as well.  Thanks to Marston, this story from the liberal media caused major damage to Ken Cuccinelli.  Is it any wonder Republicans are easily attacked by liberals when they employ people who are only interested in lining their own pockets with little regard for the damage they may do to the Republican Brand.  Now that this gang who can’t shoot straight has teamed up to attack Donald Trump, I would venture to say that they will ensure the Donald locks up the nomination!

Marston embarrasses Cuccinelli with app

Trump Card LLC

 Players: Elizabeth Mair and Rick Wilson

wilson-mair connection

But who is Trump Card LLC


So given what was uncovered by the Trump Online Forum (  we wondered why an air freight transport company would get involved in a political fundraising effort run by Liz Mair. It just didn’t make sense until we started to look into whether the principals of Trump Card LLC were active politically. We decided to search political donation databases to see if they made political donations.

A search of the Federal Election Commission database for the last name Hanlon yielded the following results:

marco hanlon donations to rand paul

michael hanlon ron paul donation 2

michael hanlon donation to ron paul

michael hanlon ron paul donation write in

michael hanlon scott walker recall donation

Well what have we here?  Apparently the Hanlon family are big fans of the Paul family and one would presume the Hanlon’s are committed libertarians given their donation history.  It’s  interesting that Michael Hanlon donated to the Scott Walker recall campaign. Now why would a California guy, who doesn’t donate to many candidates, donate to Scott Walker’s recall campaign?  Who else do we know that is a committed libertarian, worked for Rand Paul and also worked on Scott Walker’s recall campaign?  Does Liz Mair ring a bell???

Now what ties does Liz Mair have to California.  Well we know that Liz Mair worked for Carly Fiorina’s California Senate campaign.  Is it possible she crossed paths with the Hanlon’s during this gig? So far we haven’t found any evidence to suggest this, although that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  Is it possible that Mair and the Hanlons forged a relationship through their libertarian activism and support of  Ron and Rand Paul’s campaigns?  We postulated that maybe Liz went to college with Marco who seems to be about the same age.  We have been unable to determine where Liz got her bachelor’s degree but we do know that the Hanlon brothers are Cal State Fullerton alumni.  In doing a search on Liz we discovered 2 landlines attributed to her in Fullerton California.

mair numbersA

The circumstantial evidence presented here strongly suggests a link between Liz Mair and the Hanlon’s.  We are now requesting the help of the twitter community to fill in the missing links.  Someone out there knows something and together we can put the final puzzle pieces together.  If you have any information, please provide it in the comments section of this blog posting.

 ~Provocateer out!